Bethel Logistics Company Ltd

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Welcome to Bethel Logistics!

       Experts in Shipping Logistics
As modern technology and communication continue to make the world smaller.

Most companies need a strong global Transportation and Logistics partner to make it more accessible and BETHEL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED is that partner, and the

International Freight Forwarder

BETHEL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED delivers on time AIR AND OCEAN FREIGHTS that give you tightly managed control door-to-door shipping, WAREHOUSE FACILITIES to help you control your stock levels in the most cost effective manner, efficient TRACKING AND TRACING, and PROMPT CLEARING AND FORWARDING of cargo.

Linked   to   over   1,000   offices   in   100 countries,  BETHEL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED has the resources and experience to move client’s shipment when and where they need them. For up to the minute shipment status

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