Bethel Logistics Company Ltd

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Logistics is the management of details in any operation. International logistics is not only the management of material & information but also of relationships. One therefore has to co-ordinate the activities of various participants viz, Exporter, Importer, Customs, Airlines, etc. in the logistics chain to achieve your shipping objectives economically, efficiently & consistently.

Bethel Logistics is fully aware that good client relationship and their continuous support are the foundation of its success and spares no effort to understand the individual and unique needs of each client

In order to provide prompt and efficient service, Bethel Logistics is backed by a dedicated team of well trained and experienced personnel specialized in all sectors of haulage and transport related businesses.

Bethel Logistics motto "Expert In Logistics" underscores the importance of prompt delivery. Bethel Logistics takes extra measures to ensure that its client's goods are delivered to their destination safely and promptly. Since its inception, the management has internalized customer support and prompt service as a yard-stick for measuring the success of its operations. Nothing is more important than customer receiving the best possible attention and our ability to offer innovative ideas to assist him.